Holiday In My Mind  

When one door closes, another one opens.
And sometimes, a few.

With lockdowns putting his usual avenues of creativity on hold, Melbourne artist Jaime Brohier navigated the pause by diverting his vision towards the open spaces of an emergent painting practice.

Building from this recent zone of focus, Brohier's two week At the Above residency has seen the artist fully given over to purging the past 18 months, putting all the tension and anxiety onto the canvas and into a range of installations, sculpture and clothing.

An abstract, instinctual collection celebrating survival, Holiday In My Mind is an illustration of an artist finding a way to thrive in his own head in times of challenge, with no particular motif throughout but for escapism and the need to express.

Laced with the perceptible evolution of an artist who made every second in the space — and of the experience — count, this is raw and ready work.

Words by Josh Gardiner.

© Jaim Brohier 2022